Here is a video of David's Rube Goldberg device.

Rube Goldberg A matchbox car goes down a ramp and pushes a board onto a teeter-totter which triggers the release of a tinker-toy man who rolls down a tightrope and knocks a weight onto a cloth which lifts and tosses a small ball bearing into a funnel connected to a pipe which the ball runs down until it knocks over dominoes which knock over wooden boards which push over a wooden axe which nocks a physics book sideways and off the table pulling on a string which turns a screw which trips a line dropping a weight connected to a wheel causing it to turn which also turns a container of dog food connected to the same axis thus pouring the dog food into a dish below.


Below you can see my attempts at creating computer generated movies, with varying levels of success.

Dancing Dancing - IRTC May-Jul 2004 dlights.mpg (9.78MB)
I finally finished a movie with music! The reason I managed to finish this time is that I kept the graphics very simple and focused on the music instead. In this movie lights appear and rise with each note played on a piano. The brightness of the lights and how long they glow approximate the perceived loudness of the notes.

Escape - IRTC Aug-Oct 2003 escape.avi (2.77MB)
I started work on the Escape IRTC but I didn't finish. :-( My plan was to finish the entire movie using quick, simple objects then to go back and refine the scenes as time allowed. That way I would not do what I have done in the past - enter a movie with a confusing story line. Unfortunately I ran out of steam. It's about 2/3 finished.

Evolution - IRTC May-Jul 2003 astrlife.mpg (6.35MB)
Here is my entry for the theme Evolution. The movie was made using the POVRay raytracer, Dave's Targa Animator, and avi2mpg, all of which are freeware. I realized after I submitted it how Asteroid is spelled (with an 'e'). D'oh!

Robots - IRTC Oct-Jan 2000 enanobot.mpg (3.89MB)
Here is the movie I entered in the Oct-Jan 2000 Internet Raytracing Competition. The movie was made using the POVRay raytracer and the CMPEG mpeg creator, both of which are freeware.


One of my recent interests is panoramas. The best related sites I have found so far are and Below you can see some panoramas that I have created.

San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
- Low Resolution (0.34MB)
- High Resolution (1.97MB)
San Francisco

Spokane House, Near Chattaroy, North of Spokane, WA
- Low Resolution (0.45MB)
- High Resolution (6.07MB)
Spokane House

Deception Pass, Near Oak Harbor, North of Seattle, WA
- Low Resolution (0.52MB)
- High Resolution (4.15MB)
Deception Pass

Campbell House, Campbell, CA
- Low Resolution (0.79MB)
- High Resolution (2.93MB)
Campbell House


Here are some movies I recorded using my digital camera. They should be viewable using QuickTime or Media Player on Windows XP.

Winter Camp 2003-2004

I recorded these during my church's high school winter camp.

New Year's 2003-2004

I recorded these up in Spokane over the holidays.

Thanksgiving 2003

Here are some movies I recorded up in Spokane around Thanksgiving.

  • Sam and Stephanie 151-5155_MVI.AVI (2.86MB) Stephanie gets sprayed with snow on the 40 acres
  • Peter and David 151-5144_MVI.AVI (1.93MB) They don't quite go where they planned


Here are some interesting movies I found online:

  • SICAF Sand: This must be popular. I get a few visitors per day looking for it, sent here by search engines. Click on the link to download an 18MB wmv movie of an artist working with sand. It is truly amazing! I recently found the website for the artist: Ferenc Cako.
  • Pipe Dream: This is a computer generated animation of percussive musical instruments being struck by balls to produce music. Look on the left side of this page. I chose the 37MB download.
  • Duality: You can download a Star-Wars-like movie created by two people calling themselves crew of two. I downloaded the 22MB divx and renamed the file duality.mpg since .divx wasn't associated with any program on my computer.
  • Fanimatrix: If you're a big Matrix fan then download fanimatrix. I downloaded the 70MB low quality divx. Low quality? Ha!
  • Funniest Cats: If you like cats then you'll surely laugh at this 2.7MB video.

Here are some good movie-related web sites: