This is my personal website, created in 2004 to help connect my geographically dispersed family and to share digital content with family and friends. The contents of the family blog and many of the picture galleries are only available to those with credentials but visitors are welcome to view the public galleries and travel logs. There are also a few miscellaneous pages that can be found on the right. After nine years the site has grown to contain 700 posts, 2,100 comments and 4,000 pictures.


I grew up in the western United States, mostly in small towns. In 1996 I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Computer Science from the University of California at Davis. After graduation I was hired by IBM where I work as a software test project manager and performance test specialist. I spent a decade living in the bay area before moving back to a more rural setting in the pacific northwest where I currently live with my wife Becka. Outside work I play the piano, study foreign languages, write software, research geneaology, travel the world and take lots of pictures.